Reconstruction Services

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Following a major loss, every quality restoration company will also handle the reconstruction. When reconstruction is needed after any kind of a major loss, especially water or fire losses, it is imperative to have a quality reconstruction plan in place. Understanding the importance of a timely reconstruction can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your life back to normal, especially for commercial restoration projects.

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LimeGreen Reconstruction Services

LimeGreen Reconstruction Services

Our reconstruction services work hand in hand with our mitigation and insurance teams. All too often time is wasted when a faulty reconstruction plan is not followed. Good plans include the estimated completion time of the mitigation, as well as the expected time to pull permits for any work requiring such measures. You restoration company should be working closely with you to keep you informed of every step along the way.

Reconstruction Timeline

Once all mitigation work has been completed and all inspections have passed, the reconstruction process should be under way. Ideally, the mitigation completion timeline should be anticipated to assure a seamless transition into reconstruction. Depending on whether the reconstruction crew is part of the restoration company, or a third party contractor, the process of rebuilding your premises should commence as soon as any pending permits have been approved. We always encourage home and business owners to continuously monitor the permitting progress as this often encounters unanticipated hiccups. Always request progress updates from your reconstruction supervisor. We recommend you do this on a weekly basis.

Reconstruction Timeline

Reconstruction Work Scope

Generally, the following items are common reconstruction items
  •   Drywall repair or replacement
  •   Insulation replacement
  •   Floor replacement
  •   Electrical wiring
  •   Plumbing repair
  •   Wooden stud repair or replacement
  •   Cabinetry replacement
  •   Repainting / Stucco
  •   Reroof if major fire loss
Finalizing Reconstruction

Finalizing Reconstruction

Assuring that everything has been completed properly and is up to code is obviously important.  Additionally, if your restoration company uses a third party contractor for the reconstruction porting of your job, you’ll want to assure that all applicable lien releases have been signed.  You don’t want to end up in a situation where a third party contractor doesn’t get paid for the work performed and subsequently places a lien on your home or building.

For further information about our commercial and residential reconstruction services, please do not hesitate to contact us.