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Residential Mold Testing Services

Air Quality Testing

Mold, especially after damage from water, can become a major issue if left untreated. Failure to address mold issues have resulted in countless litigations related to health issues and revenue losses.

As a certified indoor air quality and mold removal company, Limegreen Restoration utilizes high-tech testing and remediation equipment to work on both commercial and residential properties.

Mold Testing and Air Quality Assessments

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Includes – Control Sample plus three rooms. Air, surface or swab.

Mold Testing

Are you concerned that you have dangerous mold in your home? If you can physically see or smell mold in any part of your dwelling, it is likely that you and your loved ones are inhaling that mold in the air you breathe.

Being exposed to moldy environments can cause a number of health problems:
• Nasal stuffiness
• Throat irritation
• Coughing or Wheezing
• Eye irritation
• Skin irritation
People with mold allergies or compromised immune systems may also get serious infections in their lungs. Asthma symptoms in people with asthma can also be heightened in damp or moldy areas.
Don’t take a chance with your respiratory health. Have your home tested immediately if you think you have mold within your home.
When you hire Lime Green, we’ll come to your home and take air samples, inside and outside of the residence to give you an accurate overview of air quality surrounding you. We’ll find the problem areas and also present you with a solution for mold removal if there is a level of mold within the home that is concerning.

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Mold allergies

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Includes Control Sample plus three rooms. Air, surface or swab.

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