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Mold is a ubiquitous fungus species that can severely affect your business if it’s found anywhere on the premises. Mold usually destroys anything it touches, and the species can cause a variety of health and safety concerns that could potentially place your business in an array of trouble if this condition isn’t properly handled.

Truth be told, eliminating mold isn’t a simple process. This task involves a wide range of extensive disposal and prevention techniques, which is commonly known as mold remediation. Generally, professional mold removal companies specialize in this treatment. Therefore, if you are experiencing a mold problem, you should immediately contact a professional for the proper care.

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LimeGreen (carlos and edwin) came to our home for an emergency last night and saved our entire downstairs game room from sewageWay to go you guys for being so fast and professional, made our miserable night less of a struggle . Thanks guys
Nelly Videos
Nelly Videos
15:01 20 Sep 19
We had a major burst pipe flood at our home in Porter Ranch on the second floor, which caused massive damage to both floors. We contacted Lime Green Restoration and they had their work trucks and a crew here within two hours on a Sunday night. Kristi and David (owners) were our advocates and represented us thoroughly with the insurance company from beginning to end regarding the restoration, demo and renovation prior to the rebuild. The insurance company tried many tactics to reduce proper renovation methods, along with improper lower payment to us. David and Kristi were right on top of of and advised us precisely as to what we needed to do to properly repair our home (not the inferior attempt by the insurance to cut corners). Our home rebuild came out beautiful and we are grateful to David, Kristi and Limegreen for everything that they have done for us.I highly recommend Lime Green Water Damage and Restoration.Tim BegleyPresident and CEO - Begley Corp.
Tim Begley
Tim Begley
21:40 02 Aug 19
Limegreen is simply a fantastic company! A hot water pipe burst in January and I had quite a bit of water damage. I called Limegreen around 5:00 am and to my surprised, they answered the phone at this early hour. They were at the property within the hour. David quickly organized his crew to come out to secure and contain the damage. The very professional crew left their work area impeccably clean everyday. David and Kristi are true professionals who know their business inside and out. I am so grateful for their guidance through out this very trying experience. Most importantly to me is that Limegreen is trustworthy, honest and compassionate. Dana Arnold-Chacada Apartments
17:28 04 Jul 19
Dealt with Lime Green for the first time recently and they were great - onsite when they said they would be and tech Eric was very helpful. Look forward to a continuing relationship with them.
David Nickerson
David Nickerson
22:09 23 Jun 19
Lime Green saved the day!! My business was faced with catastrophe after negligent water use in the residence above us. They made every aspect of the restoration process easier than I could have imagined. As others in the review section have noted you can expect total professionalism and absolute knowledgeability. Thanks again Lime Green!!!
21:08 22 Aug 18
What a blessing these guys turned out to be, we had an unbelievable amount of sewage and mold growth while we were out of the country for a month. somehow a flood took place ,flooded our entire bottom floor and ruined everything from furniture to an awesome record collection.thank you Kristi from lime green for navigating this horrible situation and making our home a home again. don't know if we could have done this without your professional guidance.
rick buddy
rick buddy
20:59 08 Jul 18
Very friendly and professional. Kristi and David were both great. They were at the house within 30 minutes and saved it from major damage after a nasty plumbing issue. They got the smell removed and quickly figured out what needed to be done for the repairs. Would use again and highly recommend!
Mika Jang
Mika Jang
16:40 06 Jun 18
After a recent flood in our home Lime Green came to our rescue. They did an amazing job with the water mitigation process, pack out for restoration and whatever needed to be done. Kristi was professional and amazing.
dj miller
dj miller
02:06 31 May 18
Highly recommend!! At times like this you need professional, reliable, knowledgeable AND ethical people on your side! Lime Green had our backs. Amazing job done! Thank you.
Stacy Lew
Stacy Lew
23:14 15 May 18

Common Mold Growing Conditions

Common Mold Growing Conditions

You should also familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of mold and commercial mold remediation. Mold is a type of fungus that tends to grow in damp places. If left unattended, mold can cause chronic health problems and contribute to immense structural damage. Mold gradually deteriorates anything it grows on, but the main places where mold grows is:

  •   Foundation
  •   Drywall
  •   Roof
  •   Gutters
  •   Furnishings
  •   HVAC systems

In short, mold can grow in any damp or moist region. Therefore, it’s important that you schedule regular mold inspections to be on the safe side. More importantly, understanding where mold grows can boost your chances of eliminating the problem before it becomes widespread.

The Basics of Commercial Mold Remediation

When you hire a professional mold removal company to take care of your mold problem, they will likely employ a methodical and systematic approach known as commercial mold remediation. When a professional handles your mold issue, they will first isolate the infestation to prevent the mold from spreading to other regions of the building.

Then, they will begin working effectively to eliminate the mold, while applying treatment to the affected areas to prevent any other infestations. In the broadest sense, this is how commercial mold remediation works. By hiring a professional, not only will you be ridded of your mold issue, but your place of business will receive protection from any other infestations over time.

Basics of Commercial Mold Remediation

The Apparent Signs of Mold

While mold can grow in any damp or moist area, it can often be difficult to spot this pesky issue until it is too late. Nevertheless, there are some common signs you can look for to detect the presence of mold in your building. Most of these common signs include:

  • Water or flood damage
  • Leaks around or in the building, caused by ruptured pipes or AC systems
  • Musty, strong odors around or in the building
  • Water stains or discoloration on ceilings and walls

Any of the above signs can mean that you may have a mold problem in your building. If so, you should immediately contact a mold removal professional and inquire about their commercial mold remediation services.

Overall, mold is a persistent issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. Again, it’s not recommended that you handle this issue on your own, for proper mold remediation requires the precise efforts of a professional.

If you are experiencing a mold issue, be sure to contact an accredited business that specializes in commercial mold remediation. After all, this sort of issue is one that deserves proper treatment and care from the most qualified individuals.

Consequences of Allowing Mold

The Consequences of Allowing Mold to Invade A Business

It has already been said that mold can cause long-term health effects and structural damage, but the extent of these maladies can be often understated. If you allow mold to be left untreated, you could suffer severe consequences. One consequence is the adverse health conditions that can affect your customers and visitors if mold is present in your building.

Mold commonly causes headaches, skin irritation, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and the inflammation of asthma symptoms. Therefore if you allow mold to spread, you could bestow these symptoms to your customers.

Another undermined consequence of allowing mold to spread is the result of exorbitant and unnecessary repair costs. Over time, mold will eat through drywall, wood, and many other objects, resulting in high repair costs that ultimately could break your wallet. If this spread of mold persists to become a widespread issue, you could be in jeopardy of losing your entire building.

Hence, forgoing the commercial mold remediation process can generally cause more bad than good. For the well-being and safety of your customers and building, you are recommended to pursue commercial mold remediation if you have a mold problem, especially since your refusal of the latter will blatantly violate several health and safety regulations.