Commercial Water Mitigation

When an Emergency Strikes, Call Limegreen Restoration

Damage from water can occur on your commercial property at any time, no matter where you are located. Water can damage your business operations regardless if the damage is from a storm, burst pipe, or other disaster. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity from your business.

When you experience water damage on a commercial level, the technicians at Limegreen Restoration are here to help you get everything back to normal.

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Types of Commercial Businesses

Our industry experts are trained to help your business recover from its losses as quickly as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency services, and unlike our competitors, are equipped to handle the largest disasters, even in the middle of the night.

Types of Commercial Businesses We Serve:

  •   Hotels
  •   Assisted Living Facilities
  •   Industrial Facilities
  •   Schools
  •   Public Buildings
  •   Entertainment Venues
  •   Condos

Depending on the type of commercial building you are in, you may need to take specific measures before we arrive to ensure we are able to save as much documentation as possible. As such, we recommend the following:

  •   If possible, stop the water source
  •   Turn off any/all electricity
  •   Remove Important Documents / hard drives
Water Mitigation

Document Protection

Important documents can be recovered from water damage, but only if they are removed from water quickly. If you can, try to remove all documents from the water as soon as possible. Once they are in a safe, dry space, our technicians will assess the damage, and determine if we will be able to recover them.

In many instances, water will originate from a burst pipe or an overflow. After making sure you and your employees are safe, getting the water shut off to your building should be your #1 priority.  If you can control the amount of water flowing into the building, and are able to reduce the flow, your chances of minimizing damages are much greater

Please keep in mind, electrical shock is actually one of the most dangerous parts of a water emergency.  Once you have shut off the water, your next priority should be to shut off all electrical power. Federal regulation mandates that all commercial buildings have a main power switch that can be turned off to ensure all power is completely cut.  This assures that no one is accidentally injured due to electrical shock.

Commercial Building Water Removal

Specializing in Commercial Building Water Removal

The professionals at Limegreen Restoration have the training, experience and equipment to manage all types of water and flood damage. Regardless of the size of the loss, our team of technicians is available to respond ASAP to quickly mitigate the damages and manage the restoration process properly.

Rapid emergency response is essential in assuring that you will be able to save as much as possible. A quick response time can mean the difference between a few days of lost revenue, or having to shut down your business for weeks.

Commercial Water Restoration Qualifications

Certification: Limegreen Restoration is a certified Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Company.  The IICRC is a national non-profit organization that establishes and monitors certification programs and standards for those in the industry.  For a company to qualify for IICRC Certified status, the Water Restoration Company must provide proof of insurance, maintain a written customer complaint policy with documented follow-up, and provide on-going education and training to their technicians. All of the technicians at our company are IICRC Certified in Water Restoration (WRT Certification).

Insurance: It is of the utmost importance that the company you select has proper insurance. Limegreen Restoration holds the following insurance policy limits:

  •   General Liability: $ need numbers from client
  •   Automobile Liability: $ need numbers from client
  •   Workers Compensation: $ need numbers from client
  •   Contractor Pollution Liability: $ need numbers from client
  •   Professional Liability: $ need numbers from client

Specialization: Assure the water mitigation company you end up selecting has experience in the type of water mitigation you specifically need. There are considerable differences between commercial & residential water mitigation. Knowing these nuances and documenting the loss in the correct manner will assure a quick and effective restoration of your business. Limegreen Restoration is a Commercial Water Mitigation Specialist.  Our technicians are specifically trained to handle commercial, even industrial, jobs.

Experience: A good track record will mean everything.  Not all restoration companies are created equal.  Make sure you briefly check online reviews to assure you are not selecting the wrong company. Commercial water restoration should not be handled by companies that have little experience in commercial water loss related services.

BBB Accreditation: Only work with a BBB Accredited vendor.  Having an A+ Rating with the BBB ensures you are working with a quality restoration company.

If you have any questions about commercial water, or need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to call us! We are here to help!

For the fastest recovery time, ask about our Emergency Response Plan solutions.